Completely sustainable is our goal

Together with our clients we make choices which minimalize the impact we produce. We are FSC and PEFC certified. One of our sustainability steps is that we produce responsibly focusing on the future. This means for every concept we provide a sustainable alternative.

On our way to circularity

The products of today will provide the raw materials for products in the future. On our way to circularity we will focus on reusing and recycling as much as we can to limit the amount of waste. Through the course of time our interiors can be easily modified to new requirements and developments. Our professional workshop also provides quick and problem free restoration.

We also developed a sustainable materials library. Sheet material created from old work clothing is an example. Consider lab coats, togas, hospitality outfits, footwear and old jeans.

Calculate your carbon footprint with our CO2 calculator

To reduce our impact as much as possible we have developed our own CO2 calculator. This way we can calculate the carbon footprint of all our products and projects. We can assess what impact the location of production is and alter this or look for an alternative material. In this manner of thinking we can share methods of reduction and conservation. We also work with a compensation program to be able to offer CO2 neutral projects. Obviously we already compensate for our own CO2 emission.


Looking for a sustainable alternative to your current material? You are always welcome for a cup of coffee and a look into our Sustainable Materials Library.


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