Aug 20 2019

Meet our new CEO: Fred Wichmann

Q: Tell us a little about your background and what you were doing before joining IB?
A: A long time ago I emigrated to New Zealand and lived and worked there for about 15 years, a beautiful country, my sons where born there, they are Kiwis. I love the space, the climate and beaches. However, with so many relatives in Holland getting older it’s also a long way away. As a Director of a sawmilling company I experienced a volatile commodities market with many global customers and competitors. When I moved back to the Netherlands I worked as a MD for a Window Joinery and stairs manufacturer for 12 years. For the last 8 years I committed all my time to the interiors and exhibitions industry.

Q: Why did you decide to join IB as CEO?
A: I liked the dynamic culture, the international aspects and challenge of growing the business through diversification. IB is also leading in sustainability and circularity, I am passionate about this and will work hard to further strengthening our position.

Q: What is your leadership style?
A: Open, inclusive and team orientated. I am a coach and I like to develop talents.

Q: How would your previous colleagues describe you?
A: Pff you should ask them. But judging from the ongoing contacts and interest I like to believe they felt I was serious about working with people and getting better together. My previous team has commented they learned and achieved a lot during our time together and for me that is what being a leader is all about.

Q: What is going to be the biggest challenge at IB for you?
A: To become the global partner of choice. Big or small we need to include all brands and baffle them with our drive for sustainability, quality, enthusiasm and superior customer service and above all our ridiculously short time to market.

Q: Where do you see IB in 3 years?
A: As the sustainable market leader in both the international shopfitting and entertainment industry.

Welcome to the IB family, Fred!